Air Fills

Air Fills Scuba (3500psi max)                                             $6.oo

Air Fill Card (Best Buy 10 Fills!)                                         $54.00

EAN 32%                                                                                  $10.00

EAN 32%-50%                                                                         $12.00

EAN 51%-75%                                                                          $14.00

EAN 76%-100%                                                                       $16.00

All Cylinders Must Meet Current Inspection Standards & Divers Must Show The Appropriate C-Cards In Order To Obtain Fills.

Gear Service

Spare Air Annual

BCD Annual

BCD Annual (I-3)

BCD Annual W/ Inflator Octo

Hydro Composite Cylinder

Hydro Steel/ Aluminum Cylinder

Visual Cylinder Inspection

Eddy Current Cylinder Inspection

Regulator Inspection

Regulator Annual (1st Stage & 2 2nd Stages)

Regulator Annual (1st stage & 1 2nd Stage)

1st Stage Only Repair

2nd Stage Only Repair

Basic Shop Fee

48 Hour Rush Service Available At Extra Cost

Parts Are Extra For All Repairs That Are Not Covered By A Manufactories Parts Agreement 

Rental Gear