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Value Statement

Inland Water Divers is dedicated to providing high-quality family-oriented scuba training with an emphasis on Safety, Adventure, and Enjoyment.

To the Environment

We strive to be responsible users of the world’s oceans and support worldwide ocean conservation efforts. We accomplish this through not only monetary support of responsible ocean conservation efforts but by also participating in clean-up projects and reef monitoring programs.

To our Customers

Customer safety and satisfaction first, and shareholders last. Our goal is to provide high-quality scuba training with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment. In addition to the educational emphasis, we also provide quality scuba equipment and dive-related travel. All of this is provided with the best value for your hard-earned dollar in mind. We do this in the most family-friendly and professional way possible.


To the Diving Community

Our goal is to further the sport of scuba diving safely and responsibly. We do this by being professionals in the diving educational community and strive to provide the most complete education possible to our valued customers. We understand that not every candidate who wants to learn how to scuba dive can be certified. Only through proper education and evaluation can we ensure that the sport grows by certifying only competent divers.

Air Fills

Air Fills Scuba

3500 psi max

Air Fill Card

Best buy 10 fills!

EAN 32%
EAN 32%-50%
EAN 51%-75%
EAN 76%-100%

Important: All cylinders must meet current inspection standards & divers must show the appropriate C-Cards in order to obtain fills.


Gear Service

  • Spare Air Annual
  • BCD Annual
  • BCD Annual (I-3)
  • BCD Annual W/ Inflator Octo
  • Hydro Composite Cylinder
  • Hydro Steel/ Aluminum Cylinder
  • Visual Cylinder Inspection
  • Eddy Current Cylinder Inspection
  • Regulator Inspection
  • Regulator Annual (1st Stage & 2 2nd Stages)
  • Regulator Annual (1st stage & 1 2nd Stage)
  • 1st Stage Only Repair
  • 2nd Stage Only Repair
  • Basic Shop Fee
  • 48 Hour Rush Service Available At Extra Cost

Parts Are Extra For All Repairs That Are Not Covered By A Manufactories Parts Agreement 

Rental Gear

Other Services

Boat Fee
Replacement Card




Marcus has been a NAUI Scuba Instructor since 2017 and is currently working on becoming an Instructor Trainer. He is also a certified NAUI Rebreather Diver. Marcus began diving while stationed in California, serving in the Marine Corps.  After his honorable discharge, he moved to Arizona where he furthered his diving education with Inland Water Divers. Marcus’ students appreciate his calm, firm approach to teaching. He makes it very clear to every one of his students that he will never give up on them despite their challenges during training. His style of training demands safety and excellence and instills confidence, which helps to create safe and competent divers.

In 2018, Marcus was awarded a Lifesaving Award for actions taken to save another diver who experienced unforeseen challenges during a dive. Marcus went above and beyond, risking his own life, to save another. His actions that day will never be forgotten. If you ask him about this, he will gladly tell you the story! He enjoys sharing this story because it’s one of the many reasons why SAFETY is always FIRST and this allows him to explain why all of the safety measures and precautions we take are so critically important.

Marcus also loves to travel and enjoys leading dive trips around the world! Blackbeard’s Bahamas is one of his favorite destinations as well! Aye, bet yer not suprised Matey!



Diana has been a NAUI Scuba Instructor since 2023. Diana began scuba diving with Inland Water divers in 2020.  She has always loved the water and scuba diving quickly became a passion. She went through Open Water and Advanced courses early on to experience a Large Animal Liveaboard Dive Trip, then continued training almost non-stop. Diana loves to teach and to share to freedom and magic of scuba diving with her students. She has excellent role models to look up to, and continue to learn from, as she grows into a seasoned instructor. Currently, her favorite class to teach is Rescue. She appreciates the mental and physical challenge is takes to complete this course, and as an RN, she loves to share her knowledge of First Aid and Emergency Management related to Scuba Diving.

Scuba diving was how Diana discovered travel and she has now traveled to numerous locations including Aggressor Liveaboards to the Socorro Islands, approximately 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, and to Turks and Caicos. However, her favorite destination for 4 years running has been Blackbeard’s Liveaboard in the Bahamas! Who doesn’t love a Salty Pirate Adventure! This year, Diana will be leading our Fossil Diving trip and our annual Blackbeard’s trip! Join her for fun and adventure in Scuba Diving!



Pete is a NAUI Course Director and is licensed a US Coast Guard captain.

Pete became certified as a diver in 1986 and has been a NAUI Scuba Instructor since 1991, when he completed his certification in California. He is also a Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor and a Technical Diver through Technical Diving International. He holds repair certifications in all of the equipment lines the dive center carries as well being a visual cylinder inspector.



George has been a NAUI Dive Instructor since 2004. George has been an active diver since the early 1990’s. George has global dive experience and regularly visits Cozumel and Southern California dive sites.

George is certified as a equipment repair specialist for the lines of equipment that are sold through the dive center and is a certified as a visual cylinder inspector.



Dan has been a NAUI Instructor since 2014 and is an Instructor Trainer. He is also a Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor and holds technical diver certifications from Technical Diver International. Dan organizes and leads trips all around the world! He’s been to some incredible and exotic locations, and has great stories to tell! He is also a certified repair technician for most of the lines of scuba equipment that we sell.

Dan began his diving adventures when he was stationed in North Carolina while serving in the Marine Corps years ago. He now enjoys diving vacations with his wife, children, and grandchildren!

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