Fossil Diving in Venice, FL

4 Exciting Days with “Fossil Junkies” searching for all different kinds of fossils!

April 15-19, 2024


Attention Treasure Hunters:

Join us to hunt Megalodon teeth and other fossils!


Day 1, April 15. Travel day, check into the hotel & get ready for a fun-filled week!

Day 2-4, April 16-18. We will board a Fossil Junkies Dive Boat each day for 3 days! The charter crew will help set up our gear and provide us with tips on how to search for all kinds of fossils including the highly sought-after MEGALODON tooth and other fossils such as Colombian mammoth teeth; whale vertebrae; mastodon teeth; turtle shell; bison, horse and camel teeth; dire wolf teeth; and more!

Day 5, April 19. Airboat Excursion; digging for Fossils in the Peace River in the morning, Then Fly home in the evening.


  1. What is the average depth of the fossil dive? Most dives are typically around 28-30′, the shallowest are about 12′ and the deepest is around 39′.
  2.  Do you limit bottom time? No, there is no limit to bottom time. Divers can dive until they reach 500psi. Since everyone has different bottom times, dives can last anywhere between 1-2+ hours.
  3. Is this a guided dive? No, it is not a guided dive. While on the boat they will give an overview of each specific dive site, draw a map, & answer questions that we may have. We will also review navigation skills with you before the dive if need be.
  4. Do I need a Florida Fossil Permit? No you do not need your own permit. All finds on the boat are covered under their permit.
  5. What is visibility like? This is a low visibility dive. The average visibility is for fossil dives in Venice is 6′-10′. Some days visibility is 20’+ and some days it is lower. We do not dive when visibility is less than 3′-5′.

What's included?


  • Tanks, weight & refreshments served on the boat
  • Hotel for 5 days and 4 nights
  • Shared rental vehicle
  • 1 Day Airboat; River Fossil Dig Excursion

Not Included:

Payment Information

1st Deposit of $500 upon signup (non-refundable)

2nd Deposit of $500 due February 1, 2024

Full Balance due by March 1, 2024

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