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Home of Inland Water Divers LLC

Captain Pete, Instructor Trainer/ Course Director, is a graduate of the Maritime Marine Institute merchant marine school where he graduated from the 100 ton Masters class and is licensed as a US Coast Guard captain.

Pete became certified as a diver in 1986 and has been certifying scuba divers for the National Association of Underwater Instructors since 1991 when he completed his instructor certification in California. Additionally, he is a qualified as a Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor and a technical diver rating through Technical Diving International. He holds repair certifications in all of the equipment lines the dive center carries as well being a visual cylinder inspector.

Pete has been employed as part of one of the local public safety dive teams where he served as a team member, instructor, and team coordinator. He also worked for some of the local marinas providing diving services while their docks were being constructed and has worked for Hollywood movie studios as a safety diver while movies were being filmed locally.

Pete has been certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and is currently a licensed aircraft pilot. He has held a special teaching certificate issued by the State Board of Community Colleges and has over 20 years experience as an AZ POST certified instructor.

Pete is the third person, since the inception of the award, to be awarded the ” Albert Pierce Medal of Heroism” from NAUI in 2007. Pete was also awarded the NAUI “Outstanding Contribution To Diving” award in 2014 for outstanding service and dedication to NAUI and sport diving. Additionally, Pete was awarded the “Continuing Service Award” in 2022. Pete was recruited by NAUI to be a guest speaker on the subject of The Business of Diving at the yearly DEMA trade show in 2019.

George, has been a certified NAUI Dive Instructor since 2004, Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and holds technical diver certifications from Technical Diving International. George has been a NAUI divemaster, a position that he held since 1998, and has been an active diver since the early 1990’s. George has global dive experience and is a regular visitor to Cozumel along with Southern California dive sites.

George is certified as a equipment repair specialist for the lines of equipment that are sold through the dive center. Additionally, he is a certified as a visual cylinder inspector.

Independant Contract Dive Leaders Associated with Inland

Dan has been certified as a NAUI Instructor since 2014 and holds a rating as an Instructor Trainer. He is also a Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor and holds technical diver certifications from Technical Diver International. Dan coordinates and leads most of our global international travel. Dan regularly attends continuing education seminars associated with dive training, travel and the business of diving. He is also certified as a repair technician for most of the lines of scuba equipment Inland sells.

Dan began his diving adventures when he has stationed in North Carolina while in the Marine Corps years ago. After raising a family and while on vacation with his wife he decided to get back into diving. Now enjoys diving vacations with his children and grandchildren when he is not teaching scuba courses or leading trips.

Marc has been certified as a NAUI Instructor since 2017 and is currently working on his Instructor Trainer rating. In addition to his scuba certifications, he is a certified NAUI Rebreather Diver.  Marc regularly leads dive trips near and far when he is not teaching scuba classes.  Marc holds a Masters degree in Business Analytics

Marc began his diving adventures when he was stationed in California while in the Marine Corp.  After leaving the Corp and moving to Arizona he continued his diving education with Inland. Marc was awarded our Lifesaving Award for actions taken to save a fellow diver in 2018.

Diana has been a certified NAUI Divemaster since 2022. She is currently working on upgrading her ratings to teach NAUI First Aid courses and NAUI Intro to Scuba courses along with NAUI Scuba Refresher courses.

Diana began her scuba adventures in 2020 and is a certified Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelors degree in Nursing.