Inland Water Divers is dedicated to providing high quality family oriented scuba training with an emphasis on safety, adventure and enjoyment. Our goal is to train not just certified divers but competent divers.

To the Environment – We strive to be responsible users of the world’s oceans and support worldwide ocean conservation efforts. We accomplish this through not only monetary support of responsible ocean conservation efforts but by also participating in clean up projects and reef monitoring programs

To our Customers – Customer safety and satisfaction first, shareholders last. Our goal is to provide high quality scuba training with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment. In addition to the educational emphasis, we also provide quality scuba equipment and dive related travel. All of this is provided with the best value for your hard earned dollar in mind. We do this in the most family friendly professional way possible.

To the Diving Community – Our goal is to further the sport of scuba diving in a safe and responsible manner. We do this by being professionals in the diving educational community and strive to provide the most complete education possible to our valued customers. We understand that not every candidate that wants to learn how to scuba dive can be certified. Only through proper education and evaluation can we ensure that the sport grows through certifying only competent divers.