Oceanic VTX Quality Alert

Oceanic has issued a Quality Alert for some VTX dive computers, similar to the one pictured here.  A manufacturing defect has been identified within a specific serial number range of VTX Personal Dive Computers. The only computers affected by this alert are VTX Wrist Units with serial numbers between 565 & 3632. All other serial numbers are unaffected.

Through continuous failure analysis process Oceanic has identified a trend of VTX computers being returned due to water intrusion into the housing. The testing & evaluation of each returned VTX has identified an issue in the tolerance between the housing port and the shaft of the buttons, which has resulted in an unacceptable failure rate of about 3%.

If you own one of the affected units Oceanic would like for you to return the computer only, not any of the accessories, to your Oceanic dealer so that the flooding issue can be addressed promptly.