Why I Enjoy Live-Aboard Diving!

After having a group return from a great live-aboard dive vacation it came to my attention that not everyone has had the pleasure of this type of an adventure. In a nut shell you get the best of what the dive location can offer at a great bargain! I started my diving life from a live-aboard, as a matter of fact the first time that I was on the ocean it was aboard a live-aboard dive boat during my certification dives in Southern California. These type of trips are such a great value because everything is paid for in advance. You get a place to sleep, all the food you care to eat, drinks and a boat to dive from. Generally you get much more dives in during the course of your vacation since you spend most of your time on the water, no wasted time travelling from the port each morning. Since you are already in the dive area while the day boats are taking divers to or from the location you are relaxing and diving. Additionally, live-aboard divers get to explore more remote dive locations and almost always you have the opportunity to do some night dives. I find this type of dive vacation much more relaxing, board the boat find a bunk and set up your dive gear once and enjoy your time at sea. No packing and unpacking, getting up early to meet the boat or returning back to your hotel late. More bang for your buck and a more relaxing vacation. Inland schedules a couple of these trips a year, do yourself a favor and join us on our next trip!