Training Defines Who We Are

I was somewhat amused the other day when I read a post where an instructor was trying to find a spot at the lake to do a “deep dive” with a student from the shore. Most responded that this time of year it would be tough to find deep water near the shore and the instructor responded that they only needed 61′ to make it a deep dive. If you look at the DAN accident reports you will see that a lot more can go wrong between 80′ & 130′. 61′ does not make you a deep diver, although by “policy” it does qualify as a deep dive. That is why we have always strive to provide the most through education as possible to our students. We use the policy manual as a guide and try to exceed the minimum training standards as much & as safely as we can. When you’re out diving in the world’s oceans you deserve the best training not training based on minimum standards. Next time I will share what boat captains routinely tell me about Inland’s divers.