What Does It Take To Become A Scuba Diver?

One of the most common phone calls we get at the shop is “what does it take to become scuba certified”. The certification process is pretty simple and be accomplished by just about anyone who has some reasonable level of physical fitness, you don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer you just have to know how. Once you complete the course you will receive a “c-card” that is your passport to the beautiful underwater world. Your certification card is required to rent scuba cylinders and go diving on a charter boat at your favorite vacation spot. The sport of scuba diving is relatively safe and your safety is your responsibility so a good education it important. If anyone tells you that scuba is 100% safe or if you can walk you can scuba dive you should probably find another scuba instructor because those are not accurate statements.

So in a nutshell what is the certification process?

  1. After signing up for a class you will be required to complete the academic portion of your training. This can be accomplished by one of three means, full classroom instruction, home study or on-line learning. Inland offers all 3 options with the home study & on-line learners given a morning knowledge review before their pool session to answer any questions.
  2. Once your academic learning is complete you will spend about 8 hours in a heated, with Inland at least, pool where you will be given the opportunity to learn the basic skills that all scuba divers need to know.
  3. After completing your academic training & pool training you will need to complete your certification dives. These dives take place over 2 days and can be completed just about anywhere you can scuba dive. During your certification dives you will be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you learned in the pool as well as given time to perfect your scuba skills.

It’s that simply, academic study, pool training & 2 days of certification dives. As professional scuba instructors we are here to help show you the way, just ask. Remember scuba is only as safe as you make, choose your scuba instructor wisely. Stop by the shop we would be happy to get you start on the adventure of a life time!